Partner in HOPE – Helping Our People Endure

Due to the virus and mandatory lockdown in Eswatini, 169 Project Canaan workers were sent home. At the end of April, there will be no paychecks for them and they will have no way to feed their families. There are no safety nets here – no bailouts, no loans and no unemployment insurance. Food prices have already increased 30%! 

The lockdown in Eswatini has been extended into May, and we do not know when we will be able to bring these workers back. Our plan is to provide two food deliveries per month. The good news is that we can feed a family of eight for one month for a total of $105! 

These food packs will include: sugar beans, maize, cooking oil, eggs, butternut squash, fresh milk, papaya fruit, MannaPack, and soap to encourage hand washing. Food is also being provided from Project Canaan Farm to help feed our workers’ families.

Become a Partner in HOPE (Helping Our People Endure)! Your gift to this project will enable us to feed our workers, giving them the ability to endure this difficult time.