“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat (providing food), I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink (providing water), I was a stranger and you invited me in (visiting in person), I needed clothes and you clothed me (bringing clothing), I was sick and you looked after me (eradicating malnutrition), I was in prison and you came to visit me (prisons of poverty and culture).”   Matthew 25:35-36

The Background

Undernutrition. Stunting. Wasting. Starvation.

These are just some of the challenges faced by people living in the Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), but the children suffer the most.

In 2009, Heart for Africa (Canada) began an initiative helping churches in rural Eswatini with a feeding program targeting orphaned and vulnerable children in their communities.  Over 350 churches applied for assistance through the program. After an exhaustive process, 30 churches from the most rural areas of the Kingdom were chosen to participate. Our partnership with Feed My Starving Children (www.FMSC.org) allows us to provide nutritionally fortified dry meal packages (MannaPackTM), along with hard-boiled eggs (the perfect protein) through our partnership with the International Egg Foundation and the Egg Farmers of Canada.

In 2019, we celebrated a decade of providing food to hungry children, and decided to conduct “well-child check-ups” at each church partner site to assess the height/weight and overall health of the children. Shockingly, we discovered that many of the children are still suffering from malnutrition and stunting, all while food insecurity worsens in the country.  While our efforts have kept starvation at bay, it’s not eradicated malnutrition amongst these children yet.

We have a solution to eradicate malnutrition, and we need your help to make it a reality.

The Plan

Our goal is to eradicate malnutrition in the 3,500 orphans and vulnerable children currently served through our network of 30 church partners. Heart for Africa is launching its 2020 Hunger Initiative and our plan is to expand our current feeding program from two days per week to feeding seven days a week at all 30 church partners by delivering additional food, employing women to prepare the meals, and providing greater variety of food in order to save the children.

We have the opportunity to IGNITE the hearts of the people in churches and organizations to help us achieve our goal of eradicating malnutrition. When we met with the pastors and cooks of the 30 churches in December of 2019, we asked them what their greatest need was. Their response? “Please come and feed our children, and show the love of Christ by filling their stomachs.”  We believe that this will include providing water to cook with, clothing their bodies and ministering to their hearts through visits to the church(es). We see the need every day and we are inviting you to join us in making a difference in Eswatini.

Key Benefits

  • Ignite your congregation or organization to grow awareness globally and care about the malnutrition epidemic in Eswatini
  • Respond to the invitation from Jesus in Matthew 25 to care for “the least of these”
  • Experience a real connection with a sister church in Africa


Next Steps

  • Choose to invest in a partnership agreement ($37,000 over two years)
  • Change the life of a child by providing food for one year ($160/year)
  • Involve church members to grow awareness, sell Khutsala (products made by our artisans in Eswatini) ornaments, keychains or our latest Hungry Boy and Girl ornaments/keychains to help raise funds
  • Change Round-Up: Ask members of your community, congregation or organization to donate their change through our Change Round-Up program. On average this turns out to be around $40 a month.  If 80+ members of your community or organization did this for one year you would provide funding for the partnership through the Change Round-Up program (Change Round-Up available soon)
  • Commit to a service trip with members of your congregation or organization to connect and serve the church partners in Eswatini


Eradicating malnutrition requires food, but it also requires focus and funding.  If you are interested in how your church/organization can take the next step, or would like to learn more about how to incorporate this promo into your church or organization’s mission, contact Hannah Gaddis, Hunger Initiative Project Manager, hannah@heartforafrica.org, 678.896.9284.

Donate Now!

Make your gift to feed a child for a year or for churches to make gifts toward their partnership agreement.