Every department on Project Canaan is designed to either reduce our operational costs (dairy milk and eggs), provide a product that we need (beds/cribs/wood product from Kufundza) or provide a service at a reduced cost and increased convenience (El Rofi Medical/Dental Clinic, Lusito Mechanic Shop).

2017 Stats

  • 65,000 litres of milk that were consumed by our children from Dairy
  • 635 patients seen in 2017 at the El Rofi Clinic
  • 180+ of pieces of furniture made at Kufundza Center
  • 17 vehicles fixed/serviced by Lusito Shop including 3 tractors, a backhoe, bulldozer and a Bobcat
  • 36,400 eggs eaten by our children from Egg Barn
  • 25% of the annual operating costs at Project Canaan were provided through Khutsala sales

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