A hero, by definition, is someone who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, and noble qualities. Heroes do not seek to be applauded, but we can not resist. Heart for Africa (Canada) Heroes financially support the organization on a monthly basis so that we can ensure projects can be completed, food will fill the children’s plates, and safe beds are waiting for them at the end of the day.

Heart for Africa (Canada) wants to thank a group of people who are our heroes and who allow the Heart for Africa (Canada) team to make an ongoing difference in the lives of hundreds of children every month, and for this we applaud them with sincere hearts.

Become a Monthly Hero

Want to know how a monthly Hero gift can be used by Heart for Africa on Project Canaan?

We spend $40/month:

  • to purchase cleaning and toilet supplies for the El Rofi medical clinic
  • to provide electricity for one teacher house (5 teachers)
  • to provide internet for the front office

We spend $110/month:

  • to transport one worker to Project Canaan and then back home, 5 days per week
  • to pay one farm worker to plant, weed and harvest in the fields
  • to provide employment for one person to cook meals for the farm workers
  • to purchase cleaning and toilet supplies for the front office

We spend $200/month:

  • to provide electricity for staff housing (approx. 60 people)
  • to employ one person to work at the laying hen barns
  • to employ one mechanic at the Lusito Mechanic Shop

We spend $675/month

  • to provide electricity to the dairy
  • to purchase seed for greenhouse and field planting
  • to provide new and unlimited internet for all schools, two clinics, front office and children’s campus on Project Canaan (!)
  • to provide diesel for two farm tractors

Heart For Africa (Canada) Heroes Include

Andrea McKillop
Barry & Carol Hickman
Dale Sipple
David Crawford
Diane Willis
Fraser & Leslie Wilkinson
Gary & Karen-Ann Gilks
Henry Rempel
Jacquie Lombardi
Jen McKee
Joseph Brown
Nicolette Stark
Ray & Erica Ortlieb
Terri Chong
Wallington's Farms