Due to the virus and mandatory lockdown in Eswatini, our amazing team of more than 80 Aunties have been working non-stop for nearly 60 days now.  These are ESSENTIAL workers, and they have been working tirelessly to care for our 261 children.

We want to bless these workers with a special gift to show our love and provide them with respite, refreshment and relaxation.  A gift of $15 will provide a personal care kit and airtime (cell phone minutes) for one auntie to communicate with family and friends.  A gift of $35 will provide one auntie with a day of special meals and treats.  We have 83 aunties and our hope is to be able to raise enough funds to provide this blessing for the next two months as Eswatini enters its second month of lockdown!  Will you help us bless them today?