The monthly cost of care for one child is $295, which includes diapers, formula, food, clothing, medical care, dayshift and nightshift caregivers and lots of love.  It’s hard to imagine that ALL of that can happen for only $295 per month!  While we know that it takes $295 to fully provide for all the things a child needs, we have been able to break it down a different way.

  • $40 per month pays for primary medical care for one child including a full-time nurse, vaccines, wellness checks and treatment when sick.
  • $100 per month provides formula for our 35+ babies from 6-18 months of age.
  • $130 per month provides for one night shift Auntie who will love and care for our small babies all night!

Your gift of $295, $100, or $40 per month will bless these children’s lives.  We have 200 children and on average, receive a baby every 12 days.  When you sign up to be an Angel, you are investing in the future of these children and our vision that they will become the next leaders in eSwatini.

Become An Angel

Heart for Africa (Canada) is thankful for the following Monthly Angels for Project Canaan Children

Allison Rock
Alyssa Lofgren
Andrea McKillop
Bianca Armstrong
Bobby & Heather Ramjist
Carol & Barry Hickman
Dale & Cathy Babb
Dan Veldman
Dion Martens
Erin Monahan
Fraser & Leslie Wilkinson
Helen Hudson
Henry & Maureen Bustard
Jana Lane
Jana MacLachlan
Janet Follis
Jill Donahue
Kayla Reid
Kurt Siemens
Leanne Wilkinson
LeeAnn Cheadle
Lori Wilson
Lori Wilson
Nancy Smith
Nizar & Ellen Shaheen
Peter Mitskinis
Ray & Erica Ortlieb
Rick & Nan Cogbill
Ross MacPherson
Ruth Noble
Suzanne Wilkinson
Tim & Barbara Lambert
Verity Benner