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Rotary International

Heart for Africa is thankful for the tremendous support we have received from Rotary International.  With the help of several Georgia USA Rotary Clubs and the Mbabane Mbuluze, Swaziland Rotary Club Heart for Africa received a grant that enabled the funding for a John Deere tractor that is now harvesting crops at Project Canaan.

In early 2014, Rotary International (in the U.S. and in Canada) also provided funding to Heart for Africa for the development and construction of a dam.  This dam has accomplished many things, including providing for 3-4 harvests per year as well as creating 500-600 jobs.  As a result, this project has provided food, clean water and employment to an area with very little of these things.

We are grateful for the invaluable support of Rotary International and the individual Rotary Clubs who have come alongside us and have enabled us to meet the needs of the Swazi people.  Their support will impact the lives of many people for years to come!


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