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"Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me. " Matthew 25:40

An angel, by definition, is a guardian and an inspiration from God. Angels do not seek to be applauded, but we can not resist. Heart for Africa Angels financially support the Project Canaan Children on a monthly basis so that we can ensure the children are loved, educated, and cared for each one of the children on Project Canaan.

Heart for Africa Foundation wants to thank a group of people who are our Angels and who allow the Heart for Africa team to make an ongoing difference in the lives of many children every month, and for this we applaud them with sincere hearts.  

Heart for Africa Foundation is thankful for the following Monthly Angels for Project Canaan Children:  

Bill & Karen Bayles    
    Henry & Maureen Bustard     
    LeeAnn Cheadle 
  Rick & Nan Cogbill  
Jennifer Gibb
Barry & Carol Hickman
Sally Hubert
  Helen Hudson
Keswick Christian Church  Tim & Barbara Lambert Jana Lane Ruth Noble
Ray & Erica Ortlieb
Susan Panylyk
Allison Rock
  Jo-Anne Sexton
Nizar & Ellen Shaheen
Tami Siemens
Orlagh Turtle
Fraser & Leslie Wilkinson
Lynn Wilnechenko

Please click the following logos to find out more about El Roi Baby Home or Labakhetsiwe Toddler Home.



Click the button below to become a monthly Angel

*Select Angel as the Fund on the donation form

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