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Litsemba Memorial Wall

The “Wall of HOPE” will be outside the Medical/Dental Clinic on Project Canaan.  This clinic will be bringing HOPE to a farm, a community and a nation, so we thought it appropriate to create a "Wall of HOPE" or the "Litsemba Memorial Wall" for people to be given hope while they are waiting to see a medical person.  This wall would be on the outside of the building right by the waiting area.  It would consist of plaques that were dedicated in memory of a loved one from around the world.

As people are waiting for medical care, they can read encouraging scriptures on each plaque to remind them that the Lord is our hope.  Each plaque will be approximately 16” x 22” and a cost of $5,000 USD The funds raised  will go towards the operating costs of the clinic.

Example of the Plaque:

Donate a Plaque
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