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The Khutsala Artisans Center is a facility on Project Canaan that serves to train and employ women in the arts of sewing and jewelry making.  This center will provide the necessary skills and opportunities that will enable Swazi women to provide for their families.  The center also includes a multi-purpose room for instruction on hygiene, family planning, and other important issues. 

Meet Our Artisans

Nelsiwe Mndzebeli

"My name is Nelsiwe Mndzebeli and I am a lady aged 29 years.  I got married to a Nhlabatsi family at the age of 20 year.  I have been married for 9 years now.

I started working for Project Canaan in September 2013.  I had no job before and I was a housewife.  I had nothing to support my family of 15 people stay at home without a job.  When I got the job in 2013 my husband was already working for Project Canaan, but he became very sick and stopped working.

Getting a job a Project Canaan helped me a lot in feeding my family and taking care of my sick husband until he passed away in 2014, leaving me without anything, but still living with his family.  It was the same time whereby my only daughter was supposed to start attending her first primary school.

Life wasn't easy afterwards with the family without my husband, such that it came to a point whereby I decided to move a little bit from their home and build my house away from them with the salary I got from Project Canaan.  It took me a log period of time to finish it because I was also using the same salary to pay for my 6-year old daughter's school fees.

In conclusion, Project Canaan has been so beneficial to me and I have achieved a lot in life an in my family.  Such that today I stand as a brave woman who fought poverty through a job I got at Project Canaan."

Management note: Nellie became a Supervisor in 2014.  She's the Production Recorder and Ladies Affairs Representative at Khutsala beads.  Her humble and faithful character is a great asset to us.


We are proud to announce that the Khutsala Artisans are now making jewelry, Christmas ornaments, home decor and accessories!  Please click the here to visit the Heart for Africa Online Store



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