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2018 Trips
2018 Summer Internship Program
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Going Home
Going Home

Welcome back home!  The Heart for Africa (Canada) team hopes you had a life-changing trip, but that the change didn't end when you arrived back on your home soil. No doubt you have many thoughts and ideas are going through your head as you returned.  You can continue to help your church by CLICKING HERE.

Please be sure to sign up to read our blog. The stories are written by people who traveled and want to share something about their experience. If you would be willing to write an article for the blog and share your experience while traveling with us please contact Lisa at lisa@heartforafrica.org. 

We encourage you to stay connected with your the Heart for Africa (Canada) community by joining us or helping us create an event that will help build awareness and or funds for future projects.  For more information please contact us at info@heartforafrica.org.

Thank you again for serving with the Heart for Africa (Canada) team!

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