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Heart for Africa Foundation seeks to help the neediest children in the country of Swaziland by working alongside the rural churches there to provide ongoing food, clothing, and spiritual nourishment.  In 2015, Swaziland began experiencing a severe drought which has devastated the ability to grow food and feed the people.  Many farm workers are now out of work due to the drought and unable to support their families.  The drought has also hindered the ability of our rural church partners to feed the neediest people in their communities.  We desperately need people to give so that we can provide maize and sugar beans, both staples of the Swazi diet, and now eggs to our local church partners and enable us to continue our feeding program.   For a donation of $95 we can provide a 110lb bag of maize flour to a local church that will feed 250 children.  Sugar beans add an important protein to the children's diet.  You can make a donation of $35 that will provide a 22lb bag of sugar beans to one of our rural church partners.  For a donation of $35 we can deliver 250 hard-boiled eggs to a rural church partner to provide a great source of protein and help supplement their feeding program.

The need is very great.  Please give today and give generously.  Together we can feed Swaziland and make sure that many do not go hungry.  Click the links below to give. Thank you for your support!

 To make a donation for maize
 To make a donation for Sugar Beans
 To make a donation for Eggs


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