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Our family is growing, and we need our help to finish our fourth Emseni children's home!

The cost for the construction and furnishings for Emseni 4 is $289,000.  Here's some great news - we've already raised nearly $166,900!

Like the other homes, Emseni 4 will house 40 children and 8-12 residential caregivers.  Building needs to conclude by July so that we can make room for babies coming to Project Canaan this year.  The Emseni Children's Campus is the newest development on Project Canaan, and is designed to be our children's home until they turn 18.  Emseni is the siSwati word for "grace," and we truly appreciate the gracious generosity that enables us to provide these homes for our children.  By 2020, this campus will consist of five buildings housing a total of 160 children as well as the Oasis, a communal kitchen/dining hall. 

As of today we have 188 children in our care.  On average, we received a baby every 10 days and are preparing for another 40 plus children this year.

Will you consider a gift to enable us to finish construction and furnish this home by July 2018?

Thank you for providing our children with a future filled with promise and hope.

*Heart for Africa Foundation attempts to accurately budget each andevery project we undertake.  As we promote and raise funds for eachproject we closely monitor the incoming dollars and close each projectcampaign if and when the fundraising goal is met.  In the event that anindividual project is completed under budget and excess funds remain inthat account, we will move those excess funds into the next area of greatest need.

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