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Heart for Africa Foundation is
Committed to our Community

The atmosphere in Swaziland is one of desperation, fear and hopelessness due to the current drought. Starvation is on the rise and many homesteads that we visit simply have NOTHING TO EAT. While we can't feed everyone and we can't save all the children who need saving, we can do for one person at a time what we wish we could do for everyone.


We recently met with a group of ladies called the Community Health Motivators from the four Chiefdoms that surround us. These women work full-time to closely monitor the people in their community who are on treatment for HIV, Tuberculosis, asthma, diabetes, or who are pregnant, orphaned or vulnerable children and the elderly. They are paid to “motivate” people to maintain proper hygiene (to reduce disease), eat proper meals when taking HIV or TB medication (especially eat meat protein) and they personally provide hospice service to the elderly including bathing them, feeding them and praying with them.  We listened as they shared with us from the depth of their beings what they are seeing in the community and how they are affected. Here is one story:
"People are starving everywhere. Swaziland has always been a poor country, but we could always go to our fields and turn the land to plant maize. Now that there is no water, we couldn't even turn the ground. We didn't plant in November and now there is no food. There is nothing at all to eat. Some people are even grinding up left over corncobs (left after the maize kernels are removed) and trying to cook them into porridge. And we can't plant again until the next rainy season comes, which we hope is in November".


Many of them underscored to us that this year is different. Even in dry years in the past, they have never suffered the way that they are suffering now. When we asked them what they are most afraid of now, each and every one of them said, “Hunger. I have nothing to feed my own family and nothing to give those who I am supposed to “motivate” to eat well and take their medication”.
We are committed to helping those who are in such desperate need.  We will work with the local Community Health Motivators to reach those families in the greatest need on an emergency relief basis, especially the elderly and orphan-headed households. Donations for this Community Fund will supply these families with the assistance they need. 

We have created a Drought Relief Food pack for only $100 that will feed a family of 1-3 people for a full month!  It includes 22 pounds of rice, 22 pounds of maize flour (the staple here), 22 pounds of onions, 11 pounds of sugar beans, salt, cooking oil, soap, sugar, soup mix, 60 eggs, 4 cabbages candles and matches.

If you would like to make a special commitment to help a family survive for the next nine months, the cost is $875.

We need to buy a truck devoted to this effort.  The cost is $23,000 CAD and we have a donor who has offered to match half of that amount, so we only need another $11,500 to buy it.
The need is very great.  Please give your best gift today.  Thank you for your support.   


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