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Serving with Heart for Africa (Canada) in 2017

Heart for Africa (Canada) has service trips planned for Swaziland throughout 2017.  Please check all of the dates for the service opportunity that meets your needs.

Who participates in a Heart for Africa service trip?  Our trips include individuals and groups of friends looking for that perfect opportunity to give back to those in need.  It is not uncommon to find an entire family serving alongside one another on a service trip.  And of course, Heart for Africa is happy to have groups from churches across North America serving with us in Swaziland.

Please note that Canada Revenue Agency does not permit issuance of official tax receipts for payments made towards service trips. 

Special Note for Church Leaders

Every church leader wants to provide an opportunity for international missions to their congregation.  But sometimes that can be a very time-consuming and somewhat frightening task.  Sunday is coming and there never seems to be enough time to get all of the work done.  Heart for Africa would love to help you plan for your 2017 international missions.  We have a team of highly qualified professionals in international missions waiting to join with you to make your dream of service in Africa a reality.  Send us an email at trips@heartforafrica.org. 

Summer 2017 Trip Description (*Itineraries subject to change)

Day One - Saturday:  Depart from North America.

Day Two – Sunday:  Arrive in Johannesburg and overnight at the City Lodge Airport Hotel.

Day Three – Monday:  Drive to Swaziland, check in, group orientation, meet your team and team leader, and market shopping.

Day Four/Five – Tuesday/Wednesday:  All teams go to Project Canaan for the day.  They will get a two-hour tour of the project to include agriculture projects, irrigation, goat and chicken farming, ISO Building, El Roi Baby home, Kufundza Vocational Training Center and the El Rofi Medical Center.  Teams will get to work serving in areas of need based on skill set (painting, greenhouses, construction, woodworking, planting, watering).  Teams will also be provided with information on a Project Canaan family whom they will visit.  The number of family members, ages and sizes will be provided so that the team can prepare clothing, and food from Project Canaan and get instructions for the visit. 

Day Six – Thursday:  Each team will be assigned two Project Canaan families in need. The team will drive to Project Canaan and collect the supplies and food for the family visit.  They will also bring clothing for that family if available from the “second suitcase” of donated clothing that people may have brought with them.  The team will continue to serve that family by visiting them, praying with them, listening to them, and encouraging them.  This is a great opportunity to get to see Swazi culture up close while developing a relationship with an individual family who is in need and who we want to provide extra support to.

Day Seven – Friday:  Individual volunteers will have the opportunity to spend the day on a game drive (safari) and a market shopping expedition.

Day Eight – Saturday:  Teams will spend this day serving on Project Canaan.

Day Nine – Sunday:  Teams will spend this day serving on Project Canaan and attend Children's Church.  Teams will arrive back at the hotel for their farewell dinner together.

Day Ten – Monday:  Individuals will check out of the hotel, stop at the Glass Factory, and take the five hour bus ride back to Johannesburg for an evening flight back to Canada.

Day Eleven – Tuesday:  Everyone arrives back home and begins to think and pray about how they can help the people they got to know and love in Swaziland.

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