It Takes a Village

Heart for Africa (Canada) is a faith-based humanitarian organization focused on bringing hope to the people of Eswatini by focusing in the areas of Hunger, Orphans, Poverty, and Education through a 1,000 hectare farm called Project Canaan. At one time discarded and forgotten, the children that are being raised at Project Canaan have a powerful testimony and they are the HOPE of Eswatini's future. Join us in securing a future for them.



Feeding the hungry, providing HOPE.


Rescuing babies, raising a family.


Creating jobs, breaking the cycle of poverty.


Teaching students and developing leaders.

The Need in Eswatini

Learn why this small African nation is so close to our hearts.


Say “YES” to Supporting the Children

Your monthly gift will help provide the day-to-day care of our children.

$40 / month

Provides primary medical care for one child.

$130 / month

Provides for one night-shift Auntie to care for our babies.

$295 / month

Covers all monthly costs for the care of one child.

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Swazi Facts

Eswatini is a land-locked country that shares its borders with South Africa and Mozambique.