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Project Canaan Poultry House

With the support of the International Egg Foundation and the Canadian egg industry, Heart for Africa's Project Canaan will continue to expand with the addition of a new egg farm.

Once complete, the farm will provide fresh eggs for all the children living on the Project Canaan farm, and also help thousands of people by providing high-quality, locally produced protein that's essential for human growth and development.

To support this, Egg Farmers of Canada is contributing on-the-ground expertise and working with the community to establish the entire laying operation from the ground up.  To start, the barn will house about 5,000 laying hens and will provide the community with the year round access to fresh, local eggs.

Donate now and help bring a sustainable source of protein to our community.

Each gift will help us purchase hens and the equipment needed for the barn, like feed and waterlines.  With each donation of $25.00 a hen will be added to the barn.  Your gift means year-round access to meals that include high-quality protein, and a brighter future for many.  Please give generously.

Please complete the form below to make your donation online or send a cheque donation to:  Heart for Africa Foundation, PO Box 246, Dept HOPE, Pickering, ON  L1V2R4.  Please indicate clearly that your donation is to support the Project Canaan poultry house.

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